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New interactive ID resources for marine mammals by CARI’MAM


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New interactive identification resources for marine mammals have been released as part of the CARI’MAM project.

They consist of biological illustrations of the 37 species of marine mammal observed in the Greater Caribbean Region, and interactive 3D images of 10 marine mammals of the Greater Caribbean region, produced by the Agoa Sanctuary.

The illustrations can be used for communication or awareness, or to create country-specific documents with adequate species.

Credit: M. Dewynter / CARIMAM
Credit: M. Dewynter / CARIMAM
Credit: M. Dewynter / CARIMAM

Credit: M. Dewynter / CARIMAM

The 3D models can be used for animations with the general public, virtual reality viewings and activities, 3D printing, and more.

Credit: Weetam  / CARIMAM

The developed resources are available under a CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license. Please refer to both the 3D models and biological illustrations webpages for further information on how to utilise these resources.

CARI’MAM is a partner of the Marine Mammal Twinning project.