Urgent need to effectively manage shipping activities within MPAs

Shipping is one of the main threats faced by marine mammals, specifically in the form of ship strikes, as well as through noise and chemical pollution. The underwater noise created by ships is significant. At normal cruising, propellers produce low frequency noise – which can be as high 190 decibels, much louder than a jet […]

36 New IMMAs Announced for the South East Tropical and Temperate Pacific Ocean

Important Marine Mammals Areas (IMMAs) are defined as discrete portions of habitat, important to marine mammal species, that have the potential to be delineated and managed for conservation. Such areas include, for instance, reproductive, feeding and migratory areas, diversity hotspots as well as habitats that are critical for the survival of endangered marine mammal species. Most […]

New Training Manual for Marine Turtle Conservation

The Network of Marine Protected Areas of West Africa (RAMPAO) has developed in collaboration with the Association Chelonee, the “Training manual for the conservation of marine turtles in West Africa”. The manual, inspired by conservation success stories and indigenous knowledge, aimed at MPA managers and conservation stakeholder, fills important gaps in marine turtle conservation, which […]

New Research Redefines Habitat-use of North Atlantic Right Whales

With fewer than 350 North Atlantic Right whales remaining, obtaining a better understanding of their movements and habitat use is crucial to the species’ survival.  A new study published in the journal of Limnology and Oceanography, examined areas that are critical for  breeding, feeding and transiting for the North Atlantic Right Whale population across their […]

The Twinning at the MedPAN Management Effectiveness Workshop

On October 27th and 28th, at the occasion of the MedPAN MPA Management Effectiveness Workshop, the Twinning presented the EU-funded Ocean Governance Project,  Marine Mammal Twinning across two separate events. The first was within the context of MPA networks, drawing on inter-twinning activities and the importance of MPA networks for marine mammals and other mobile […]

The Marine Management Toolkit at the 7th Mediterranean Conference on Marine Turtles

On 18th October 2022, the Twinning hosted a workshop focusing on the Marine Mammals Management Toolkit and its respective adaptation to marine turtles at the occasion of the 7th Mediterranean Conference on marine Turtles, Tetouan (Morocco), highlighting the toolkit as a key tool for MPA managers, and its value for managing marine turtles within the […]

Chile launches “smart buoys” to protect migrating whales

The Ministry of the Environment of Chile, in partnership with the MERI Foundation, has deployed an artificial intelligence (AI) powered monitoring buoy in the Gulf of Corcovado (Chile), as part of the Blue BOAT Initiative (Buoy Oceanographic Alert Technology) in an effort to protect whales from ship collision.  MERI Foundation The “smart buoys” are equipped […]