Congo creates first Marine Protected Areas

The Republic of the Congo has created its first ever Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), supported by a research team including the University of Exeter and the Wildlife Conservation Society. The three new MPAs will protect more than 4,000 square km (1,500 square miles) off the West African coast—covering 12% of Congo’s Exclusive Economic Zone. The […]

New Publication: Marine Mammals of Tanzania and Zanzibar

“The Marine Mammals of Tanzania and Zanzibar – an Illustrated Guide and Natural History” by Tim Davenport, is the first of its kind specifically targeting the United Republic of Tanzania.  The original book was conceived in 2013 during the writing of “A Guide to the Large Mammals of Tanzania’ when the authors identified 18 species […]

New MPA announced in Uruguay Whale & Dolphin Sanctuary

At the United Nations Ocean Conference in Lisbon, Portugal, Uruguay announced a commitment to protecting 10% of its Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), with a new marine protected area encompassing 12,000 km2 with 60% as a no take zone.  The commitment, made by Adrián Peña, Minister of Environment, is part of the announced roadmap, the Uruguay Azul 2030, […]

ASCOBANS workshop on MPA management for small cetaceans

The Second ASCOBANS Workshop on Management of MPAs for Small Cetaceans took place from 31 May to 2 June 2022 in Helsinki, Finland, at the invitation of the Ministry of the Environment, Finland. In early June, Francis Staub, Marine Mammal Twinning Coordinator, joined the second ASCOBANS Workshop on Management of MPAs for Small Cetaceans, in […]

Pelagos Initiative Launch Call for Projects

The Pelagos Sanctuary is a marine territory of 87,500 km2 in the waters of the Principality of Monaco, France and Italy, the three states being signatories of the Pelagos Agreement. The Sanctuary is home to a remarkable biodiversity, with many species of marine mammals such as dolphins, cachalots, and fin whales. The Prince Albert II […]

Marine Mammals at the 2nd Asia Parks Congress

This week, at the occasion of the 2nd Asia Parks Congress, Sabah, Malaysia, the Marine Mammal Twinning presented the Marine Mammals Management Toolkit across multiple sessions, highlighting the tool’s ability to support MPA managers for the effective management of marine mammals within the Asia region, and beyond. The 2nd Asia Parks Congress is a gathering […]

NOAA and US Navy launch new web portal for SanctSound

26th April 2022 –  NOAA and the U.S. Navy are pleased to announce the launch of a new web portal for the Sanctuary Soundscape Monitoring Project, or SanctSound. The portal allows the public to listen to underwater sounds and learn more about how sound monitoring can be an important tool in the protection of national […]

A genetic study about coastal groups of bottlenose dolphins in Iroise

The Iroise Natural Marine Park hosts two coastal groups of bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) which are present all year around the island of Sein and the archipelago of Molène. There are only three groups of coastal bottlenose dolphins in mainland France (8 in Europe): two in Iroise and one in the Normand-Breton Gulf. A 4th […]

CETIROISE: Listening to cetaceans in the Iroise Sea

The Iroise Natural Marine Park hosts 2 coastal bottlenose dolphin groups, but is also an important area for other cetacean such as common dolphins, harbour porpoises, fin whales, Risso’s dolphins, pilot whales… These species are threatened by bycatching, disturbances, noise pollution, ship collisions… Knowledge of these species is still difficult to acquire. It is also […]

Marine Mammals and Renewable Energy

Marine mammals of all sizes are always a welcome sight for visitors to the UK coastline. But while they are abundant in British waters, especially in Scotland, they now face a new challenge: coexisting with offshore renewable energy. In this short report released by the authors from the University of St Andrews Sea Mammal Research […]