New Paper Estimates the Abundance of Marine Mammal Populations

A new paper from the Ocean Modeling Forum’s Working Group on Marine Mammal Bycatch provides a summary on the various methods available for assessing the abundance of pinnipeds, cetaceans, and sirenians. Authors discuss key issues, including: General principles in estimating abundance Methods for estimating abundance and their strengths and weaknesses in relation to practical issues […]

Webinar: Climate Change & North Atlantic Right Whales

The research team behind the recently published study “Ocean Regime Shift is Driving Collapse of the North Atlantic Right Whale population” are hosting a free-to-attend webinar on Wednesday 13th October 2021 at 13:00 ET.  Titled “How Climate-Driven Ocean Changes are Further Threatening North Atlantic Right Whales”, the webinar will discuss the threats faced by North […]

IUCN Motion Adopted to Reinforce the Protection of Marine Mammals

On September 8th 2021, at the IUCN World Conservation Congress, motion 118 – Reinforcing the protection of marine mammals through regional cooperation – was adopted. The motion calls for, among other things, identifying the marine zones and regions with significant conservation issues for marine mammals, reinforcing existing agreements and commitments in these marine zones, providing […]

Ocean Regime Shift is Driving Collapse of the North Atlantic Right Whale Population

Warming oceans have driven the critically endangered North Atlantic right whale population from its traditional and protected habitat, exposing the animals to more lethal ship strikes, disastrous commercial fishing entanglements and greatly reduced calving rates. Without improving its management, the right whale populations will decline and potentially become extinct in the coming decades, according to […]

Importance of Yarari Sanctuary for Minke Whales

A new collaborative study provides new insight into how two species of minke whales utilize the Caribbean and neighboring Atlantic waters throughout their life cycle. The findings add further conservation value and significance to the relatively new Yarari marine sanctuary of the Netherlands. By combining scientific, citizen science and public information, this study provides key […]

Causes of Hearing Loss in Marine Mammals Webinar

Causes of Hearing Loss in Marine Mammals | October 5, 2021 This webinar will be presented by Dr. Darlene Ketten, Senior Research Scientist, Hearing Center in Biomedical Engineering at Boston University and Chief Scientist, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. After the presentation, there will be a Q&A session with Dr. Ketten. Learn more on the DOSITS website […]

CARI’MAM Workshop at the GCFI Conference Announced

The CARI’MAM project have announced registrations for the next workshop which will be held at the Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute (GCFI) conference, Florida.  The workshop will take place on 13th November in-person and virtually. The agenda is not fully determined however the mooring will be dedicated to a review of projects (CARI’MAM and participants) […]

IWC Emphasises Enormous Value of Whales to Ocean Ecosystems

Ron Watkins | Ocean Image Bank

Whales were hunted nearly to extinction. A new report sheds light on how important they are for healthy oceans; they can even help mitigate climate change. Washington, DC (July 6, 2021) – The International Whaling Commission (IWC) was founded to regulate whaling. Today, it also increasingly focuses on the value of live whales for planetary health. […]

CMS Scientific Body Adopts Work Programme to Address Threats to Migratory Species

Credit: Todd Cravens

Following two weeks of global meetings held entirely online, the scientific body of the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS) agreed on a wide-ranging series of actions to address growing threats to migratory species. Among the key outcomes, the Committee agreed: To create an expert working group on migratory species […]

IWC Publish Scientific Meeting Annual Report 2021

Ron Watkins | Ocean Image Bank

The IWC Scientific Committee published the report of its annual meeting on 21st June 2021. The Committee brings together leading cetacean scientists from all over the world. It has met every year since 1955 to review relevant research and information, and provide scientific advice to the Commission. In 2020, Covid-19 forced the Committee to make […]