Management framework

> MPA management with respect to marine mammals
> Coordination between agencies with respect to marine mammal conservation
> Zoning and permitting
> Planned responses and contingency plans for major incidents

Addressing the activities and threats

> Whale and dolphin watching
> Noise management
> Entanglement in fishing gear and other installations
> Marine Mammal By-catch (fishing)
> Collision / strike
> Strandings

Research and monitoring

> Baseline Knowledge – Ecology of Marine Mammal, their Habitats and their threats
> Ecological Monitoring – protocols and techniques
> Measured Ecological Variables (by MPA management or partner organisations)
> Frequency of Monitoring
> Data sharing
> Socio-economic monitoring
> Marine Mammal Research / scientific permits / agreements

Outreach and engagement

> Involvement of stakeholders and other partners in marine mammal management
> Education / Communication / Awareness raising

Management effectiveness

> Education / Communication / Awareness raising
> Reporting / Reviewing management effectiveness
> Overall management capacity across all operations affecting marine mammal conservation
> Resource Allocation to Research, Monitoring and Enforcement