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Good practices share knowledge, techniques and innovations that enable effective means for achieving conservation and management goals. By compiling and sharing good practices for the conservation and management of marine mammals, MPA managers and decision makers can apply tried and tested approaches within their local contexts. Moreover, they allow for an understanding of successful, and unsuccessful activities. 

Specific management activities can, and do, vary between locations, situations and in retaliation to species of marine mammals. Moreover, activities can differ between regions and national contexts. Thus, management practices implemented in one area, may not achieve the same outcomes in another area. On the other hand, traditional or well-developed innovations and actions from one region may be highly applicable to the situation in another. Therefore, understanding, sharing and compiling good practices is essential.

As such, we welcome you to share your good practices with respect to the management of marine mammals or activities within, or around, MPAs. Please use the template provided (.docx) and the form below, to submit your Good Practice. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Marine Mammal Twinning

STEP 1: Download Template

STEP 2: Use the form below to submit

STEP 3: We’ll be in touch

Thank you for submitting your Good Practice! Once the submitted file, and additional resources, have been reviewed the marine Mammal Twinning team, we will be in touch directly to discuss the Good Practice further and develop its contents with you.

The submitted good practice and material will not be published online until we have received clearance on the contents.  

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