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The Self-Assessment Tool

The Self-Assessment Tools (SAT) have been designed and created for the use of MPA managers, stakeholder and any other relevant parties to assess the extent to which marine mammals are included in their management plans.

Whales © Hannes Klostermann

About the SATs

Both versions of the SAT are comprised of questions related to the factsheet topics (which can be found here). The answers to these questions have all been assigned a numerical value, the total of which shows the extent to which marine mammals have been accounted for in the management plan, and areas in which this can be improved upon.

The factsheets have been designed to be resources for general knowledge, examples of best practices and available trainings.

The Self-Assessment Tool is the original component of the toolkit that utilises Excel functions and macros to provide a holistic monitoring tool an MPA. It is available offline in English, French and Spanish. The Web-SAT is an online, interactive adaptation of the excel-based version. The Web-SAT provides a more fluid experience that results in a downloadable dashboard of results, .pdf of the completed SAT and .csv file of scores. 

Both tools fulfil the same role; to enable the assessment of MPAs by MPA Managers with the core consideration of marine mammals.

Associated documents:


The flowchart has been designed to aid MPA managers and practitioners through the functioning of the Toolkit and the existing links between the factsheets, Self-assessment tool, good practices and the Community of Practice. 

Through prompts, the flowchart guides the user through the Toolkit, providing options and next steps depending on the SAT results. 

The flowchart is available here to download. 

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