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The Web-SAT

The Web-SAT has been designed and created for the use of MPA managers, stakeholder and any other relevant parties to assess the extent to which marine mammals are included in their management plans.

This online version is an adaptation of the Excel-based offline version of the Self-Assessment Tool

Nb: the Web-SAT is currently in Beta mode. As such, we would welcome any feedback and/or suggestions you may have on it’s accessibility and usability. If you have feedback, please contact us or send us an email at

Michele Roux | Ocean Image Bank

About the Web-SAT

The Web-SAT is comprised of questions related to the factsheet topics (which can be found here). The answers to these questions have all been assigned a numerical value, the total of which shows the extent to which marine mammals have been accounted for in the management plan, and areas in which this can be improved upon.

Throughout the Web-SAT you will be required to complete a range of multiple choice questions. Once complete, you will be able to access the dashboard to see the performance of the MPA. Here you can download a .pdf of the results as well a .csv of responses. This is valuable for temporal analysis, communication and evidence-based adaptive management. 

If you do not have stable internet, or would prefer to complete the SAT offline, you can access the offline excel-based version here

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