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The Help Desk

Welcome to the Marine Mammals Management Toolkit Help Desk – a central place to assist you with the use, and application of the toolkit.

The Help Desk aims to serve the purpose of supporting your use of the Toolkit, including the Self-Assessment Tool, aiding you to understand which components of the Toolkit to use when and where, and also connecting you with other managers and practitioners within your region(s) that have previously used the Self-Assessment Tool and/or toolkit components to support their work.

On this page you will find links to the following resources:

  1. Online Tutorial Modules including how the use the SAT and interpretation your results;
  2. Frequently Asked Questions;
  3. “Which component of the Toolkit should I use?” Flowchart;
  4. Why you should share your SAT data; and
  5. How to share your SAT data.
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Help Desk Components

The Toolkit Experts - Here to Help

Should you have any questions on using the SAT, or interpreting your results, you can always contact our experts including protected area managers and Toolkit developers. Please note that your questions, will be forwarded to the experts.

Still need help?

If, after review of all the resources available at the Help Desk, you would still like assistance or would like to discuss the various components of the Toolkit, we encourage you to contact the Toolkit team. 

This can be achieved through the Contact Us page or via sending an email using the respective buttons below:

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