Supporting Resources

This page has been developed to provide managers, practitioners and anyone using the Marine Mammals Management Toolkit with supporting resources to aid in the application of the various components of the Toolkit including the Self-Assessment Tool. 

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Online Tutorial & Explainer Videos

The Online Tutorial provides guidance on the use of the Marine Mammals Management Toolkit. The tutorial aims to build capacity of MPA managers, practitioners and Toolkit users, supporting its use and showcasing the many benefits of the Toolkit and its complimentary components.   The online tutorial is separated into modules (videos) which will tackle different aspects of the Toolkit, whilst providing a deeper understanding of the multi-faceted applications of the Toolkit. 

Each module cane watched independently, in any order, or in logical order. However, if support is required for the use of the Factsheets, or the Self-Assessment Tool, the respective modules can be watched separately. Each video has subtitles in French, Spanish and Portuguese, and these can be accessed by clicking on the settings icon in the bottom right corner of each video. 

The Modules

2. The Self-Assessment Tool (SAT)​
This instructional video will take you through the use and implementation of the self-assessment tool, otherwise known as the SAT. The SAT has been designed and created for the use of MPA managers and stakeholders, to understand the extent to which marine mammals are included in marine management plans.  
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3. Understanding and Interpreting Your Results
This video will take you through your results from the self-assessment and provide guidance and support on how to understand and interpret your results, including the use of factsheets and other resources from the Marine Mammals Management Toolkit.
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The SAT-LITE has been created for MPA managers, stakeholder and any other relevant parties to preliminary assess the extent to which marine mammals are included in their management plans. The SAT-LITE can be used as a pre-assessment before undertaking the full-version of the Self-Assessment Tool, or as an intermediary step throughout the Monitoring and Evaluation process of an MPA’s management plan.
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5. The Factsheets
The factsheets are designed to accompany the self-assessment tool (SAT) in supporting those involved in the integration of marine mammals into MPA management plans. The toolkit itself is flexible and will continue to evolve, as will these factsheets, to incorporate international best practice, new case studies, the latest scientific information, and new factsheets as relevant.  
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What's Next?
The Marine Mammal Twinning is in the process of developing more videos, training modules, and useful resources for the marine mammal community. Watch this space for updates.  
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The flowchart has been designed to aid MPA managers and practitioners through the functioning of the Toolkit and the existing links between the factsheets, Self-assessment tool, good practices and the Community of Practice. 

Through prompts, the flowchart guides the user through the Toolkit, providing options and next steps depending on the SAT results. 

The flowchart is available here to download. 

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