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The previous phase of this project was the “Transatlantic MPA Project”. It was set up by the European Commission to promote cooperation between managers of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in countries and territories around the Atlantic Ocean. It was designed to stimulate exchange and the sharing of best practice to improve the effective management of MPAs in coastal and offshore areas of the Atlantic. The project was inspired by the concept of Atlanticism that includes Africa and South America as well as Europe and North America.

Rays ©François Baelen
Rays ©François Baelen

During this first phase, 2 other twinning projects were developed around the following themes:

Cooperation and common strategy between MPA networks of managers in the Atlantic region

The MPA Networks twinning intends to build the twinning partnership, update the common strategy of Atlantic MPA networks of managers and implement it, and incorporate the knowledge and results of the other two twinning projects.

MPAs and coastal resilience, coping with rapid changes

The resilience twinning project aims to establish resilience-based management by expanding MPAs’ capacities, as well as the social utility of MPAs.

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