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The Marine Mammal Twinning

Marine mammals play a crucial role in marine ecosystem function, providing valuable ecosystem services. However, many continue to be adversely impacted by human activity and are often underrepresented in Marine Protected Area (MPA) management plans, commonly as a result of low capacity, lack of resources and/or knowledge to implement such plans.

To address this, the Marine Mammal Twinning, entitled ‘Marine mammal protection, a way to enhance transatlantic cooperation between MPA’, and as a part of the EU-funded Ocean Governance Project, has designed and created a toolkit for the inclusion of marine mammals into MPAs, to enable MPA managers to contribute more effectively to the conservation of marine mammals.


The Twinning aims to:

Activities & Results

The key components of the project are:

Further refine and develop the products created in the previous phase: a self-assessment tool (for the integration of marine mammals into MPA management plans) and a checklist, testing the self-assessment tool at larger scales.
Promotion and uptake of the toolkit to become a reference tool for marine mammals managers, policy makers and those interested int he conservation of marine mammals.
To host and deliver workshops and capacity-building events for MPA managers to strengthen, monitor and evaluate management actions.
Promote and share results and tools with the other twinning projects in order to multiply and maximise the learning, feedback and results.

the 4-page Project Summary Flyer

Ocean Governance Important Marine Mammal Areas by Erich Hoyt

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