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The SAT-LITE has been created for MPA managers, stakeholder and any other relevant parties to preliminary assess the extent to which marine mammals are included in their management plans.

The SAT-LITE can be used as a pre-assessment before undertaking the full-version of the Self-Assessment Tool, or as an intermediary step throughout the Monitoring and Evaluation process of an MPA’s management plan. It can also be utilised as a rapid assessment for draft management plans, prior to the establishment phase, or as a checklist (however, the full-SAT will provide a more comprehensive ‘checklist’).


The SAT-LITE is composed of approximately 50 short, multiple choice questions across five core themes: Management Framework; Addressing activities & threats; Research & Monitoring; Outreach & Engagement; and Management effectiveness. The answers to these questions have been assigned a numerical value and the total of which provides key considerations as an indication if the user should complete the full-version, as well identifying any immediate gaps in MPA management plans. 

As you progress through the SAT, you will be prompted to fill out various sections and answer a range of questions. As you progress through the SAT-LITE, other questions are responsive to other answers, removing any questions that are not deemed necessary, therefore reducing the time required for its completion. Please ensure that you complete all the questions to enable dashboard outputs.

Prior to completing the SAT-LITE, we highly advise that you “Save As”. This will allow you to make a copy of the SAT-LITE and retain a blank version for editing and future use. Once you have saved a copy, proceed through the SAT-LITE using the functional navigation page and buttons. 

The SAT-LITE is comprised of questions related to the factsheet topics (which can be found here).  The factsheets have been designed to be resources for general knowledge, examples of best practices and available trainings.

If you require assistance during, or after, completing the SAT-LITE, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Marine Mammal Twinning

Associated documents:


The flowchart has been designed to aid MPA managers and practitioners through the functioning of the Toolkit and the existing links between the factsheets, Self-assessment tool, good practices and the Community of Practice. 

Through prompts, the flowchart guides the user through the Toolkit, providing options and next steps depending on the SAT results. 

The flowchart is available here to download. 

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