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New CARI-MAM online training courses for marine mammals


New training courses by the Caribbean Marine Mammals Preservation Network (CARI-MAM) are now available online.

These consist of a series of three technical courses and a project management course, covering the following themes:

  • Photo-identification and Capture-Mark-Recapture (CMR)
  • Acoustic identification of cetaceans
  • Managing marine mammals during oil spills
  • Project building and financing

The courses are available in English, Spanish and French on the elearning platform of the French Biodiversity Agency, open to anyone, and accessible whenever and with no time limit.

How to register?

1) Go to, choose your language on the top right-hand corner and create your account. Make sure to register with an accurate name as the name information will be extracted for the certificates of completion at the end of the courses.

2) Once you’ve accepted the confidentiality policies etc., you will access your Dashboard.

3) On the top left-hand corner, click on “Subscribe to courses” and search for “CARI’MAM”. Six boxes should appear (2 for each language).

4) Click on the course you want to attend and then click on “Enroll me”.

5) You should then be able to start the course. Please read the course presentation carefully which details the course contents and evaluation procedure.

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