WWF: Whale Superhighway Needs Urgent Protection

WWF and the marine mammal science community is calling for renewed cooperation with the aim of protecting migrating whale populations by mitigating threats and implementing measurable change across the Eastern Pacific Ocean region. WWF and their partners have identified actions for governments, industry, and individuals to safeguard migratory routes in the region by 2030.  The […]

#WalkWithWhales Immersive AR Experience

June 8th is World Ocean Day, and to mark the occasion, Blue Marine Foundation have launched a one-of-a-kind, immersive, augmented reality (AR)  experience where you can step into life underwater and see the world through the eyes of a humpback whale. Dive in and explore the mystery of the ocean in the company of some […]

Marine Mammal Twinning and Commonwealth Blue Charter Webinar

On the 20th of June, the Marine Mammal Twinning will be hosting a training webinar in collaboration with the Commonwealth Blue Charter, with representatives from the Blue Charter Champion countries, and their MPA Action Group. The webinar will introduce the Marine Mammals Management Toolkit, a capacity building resource aimed at empowering marine mammals and MPA practitioners […]

The Marine Mammals Management Toolkit launches the SAT-LITE

To bolster the resources available to managers and marine users to effectively manage Marine Protected Areas (MPA) for the benefit of marine mammals, the Marine Mammal Twinning has launched the fifth core component of the Marine Mammals Management Toolkit – the SAT-LITE. As the reduced version of the already established Self-Assessment Tool, the SAT-LITE bridges […]

Marine Mammal Twinning and WIOMSA – Recorded Webinar

On the 13th of April, the Marine Mammal Twinning hosted a training webinar in collaboration with the Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association (WIOMSA) and the Western Indian Ocean Marine Protected Area Network (WIOMPAN) to MPA and marine mammal practitioners in the Western Indian Ocean.  The webinar was a great opportunity to introduce the Marine […]

Risso’s dolphins face new threat in the Mediterranean

Cetaceans, especially dolphins such as Grampus griseus, are particularly prone to build up of persistent chemical toxic substances, such as persistent organic pollutants (POPs) as they are apex predators (at the top of the marine food web). This added to their long lifespan and wide home ranges, makes cetaceans, like Risso’s dolphin, excellent indicator species […]

Chile established new MPA to protect blue whales

After more than two decades of conservation efforts, the Chilean government approved the establishment of a new marine protected area (MPA) in Patagonia for the safeguarding of an important breeding and feeding areas for blue whales.  that will safeguard an important feeding and breeding area for the endangered blue whales.  Located south of the island […]

The Marine Mammal Twinning at the Humpback Whale World Congress

Between March 6 – 11 2023, the Marine Mammal Twinning attended the 3rd Humpback Whale World Congress, held in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic). The congress brought together all stakeholders involved in humpback whale conservation with this year’s edition being dedicated to “The Blue Economy for Sustainable Development” reflecting on the importance of humpback whales in […]

The Marine Mammal Twinning at the 5th International Marine Protected Areas Congress

On February 4th and 5th, the Twinning introduced the Marine Mammals Management Toolkit at two separate events during the 5th International Marine Protected Areas Congress in Vancouver, Canada, highlighting the toolkit as a innovative tool for marine mammal management within MPAs. The first presentation was part of the session “Effectively Managing MPAs: New Tools for Resilience and Marine Mammal […]