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IMarEST Marine Mammal Special Interest Group Biennial Report 2022-2023


The Institute of Marine Engineering, Science, and Technology (IMarEST) Marine Mammals Special Interest Group (MMSIG) is pleased to present its combined biennial report for the years 2022 through to the end of 2023 . This document provides an overview of the diverse activities, events, and publications organised and produced by Special Interest Group (SIG) committee members .

Since its founding in 2020, the MMSIG has distinguished itself in promoting knowledge exchange, fostering collaborative partnerships, and advocating advancements in marine mammal science, business, conservation, monitoring, and mitigation .

This report highlights the dedication and achievements of our members, demonstrated through impactful webinars, workshops, and their active role inproducing industrial publications. It underscores significant advancements in marine mammal research, innovation, technology, and conservation, emphasising the critical need for ongoing support for marine mammal welfare and ocean sustainability .


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