Warming ocean temperatures may force New Zealand’s whales to shift south

A recent study used mathematical models to predict how whales may respond to warming ocean temperatures, with results showing a shift to the cooler southern waters. The research looked at sperm and blue whales, who play a key role in ocean health, and used a combination of mathematical models (known as correlative species distribution models) to predict […]

Effects of climate change on marine mammals: a US review

Scientists from the Marine Mammal Commission have published a review of the effects of climate change on marine mammals in US waters. The fundamental driver of climate change in the global oceans is increasing atmospheric carbon, which results in increased air and ocean temperatures, ocean acidification, loss of sea ice, and increased fresh-water discharge from […]

Ocean Regime Shift is Driving Collapse of the North Atlantic Right Whale Population

Warming oceans have driven the critically endangered North Atlantic right whale population from its traditional and protected habitat, exposing the animals to more lethal ship strikes, disastrous commercial fishing entanglements and greatly reduced calving rates. Without improving its management, the right whale populations will decline and potentially become extinct in the coming decades, according to […]