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5 year megafauna project announced in the Caribbean


A new exciting project “Caribbean Marine Megafauna and Anthropogenic Activities” (CAMAC) has been announced for 2023. CAMAC will focus on marine mammals, sea turtles, elasmobranchs and seabirds in the Lesser Antilles, over the time period of 5 years (2023-2028). 

The ecological niches of marine megafauna strongly overlap with human activities leading to frequent interactions. Such interactions have negative effects on marine megafauna in the form of bycatch, entanglement and strikes. However, bycatch and entanglement can cause degradation and loss of fishing gear, potentially causing a loss of livelihood and food security. 

As such the project aims to enhance technical capacities, to develop scientific knowledge, to provide authorities with recommendations for sustainable activity development, and to raise awareness on the natural heritage we share. 

CAMAC will be led by the Agoa Sanctuary in collaboration with SPAW-RAC and HOP but is aimed at benefiting all Caribbean stakeholders. 

Vivek Kumar - unsplash

 Source: CAMAC project launch. 

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