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The Twinning at the MedPAN Management Effectiveness Workshop


On October 27th and 28th, at the occasion of the MedPAN MPA Management Effectiveness Workshop, the Twinning presented the EU-funded Ocean Governance Project,  Marine Mammal Twinning across two separate events.

The first was within the context of MPA networks, drawing on inter-twinning activities and the importance of MPA networks for marine mammals and other mobile species. Specifically, the presentation focused on an overview of the toolkit, which included the soon to be launched Community of Practice, a network of MPA practitioners all working with marine mammals and mobile species within the MPA framework. This was followed by the delivery of key messages, which highlighted the need for cross-border collaboration, technical and scientific data sharing, joint management and cooperation to effectively preserve marine mammals. The talk was concluded with a graphical emphasis on the importance of networks and transboundary cooperation with respect to migratory routes of Humpback whales.

Regional networks operating in the North Atlantic in relation to the migratory routes of the Humpback whales

The second presentation delivered during a workshop hosted by the Resilience Twinning, focused on the different components of the Marine Mammals Management Toolkit with special attention given to the Self-Assessment Tool (SAT) and the soon-to-be-launched SAT LITE, as a mechanism for MPA managers to effectively manage, and conserve marine mammals. With the limited resources often available to MPA practitioners, the fewer questions present in the SAT LITE will still allow users to get an initial understating of the effectiveness of the management plan whilst guiding managers to a full-assessment where needed, thus contributing to the effective conservation of marine mammals.

If you are an MPA manager and would like to know more about the Marine Mammals Management Toolkit, join the Community of Practice, review the toolkit or utilise the Self-Assessment Tool, please get in touch at or contact us.

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