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A New Cooperation Framework for Mobile Species from MedPAN

The Network of Marine Protected Areas managers in the Mediterranean (MedPAN) has recently published a cooperation framework for the conservation of mobile species, including a code of conduct and a model cooperation agreement for data sharing and monitoring of marine turtles. The cooperation framework is intended to promote cooperation and date sharing for the conservation […]

The Vara2 Stranding App

The Vara2 Stranding App is presented as a guide tool, aimed not only at marine environment professionals and related personnel but also at common people so that they can properly attend animal stranding events and allow information to be collected in a correct and standardized.

Migratory Connectivity in the Ocean (MiCO)

The consortium behind the MiCO system is working to transform available data into actionable knowledge that can be incorporated into international management and policy frameworks to protect and sustainably manage migratory species (including marine mammals, marine turtles, seabirds).

Explore the Whale Safe Tool

Whale Safe is a tool that displays both visual and acoustic whale detections in the Santa Barbara Channel. It also includes a blue whale habitat model that predicts the likelihood of blue whale presence.

158 Marine mammal areas

The IUCN Marine Mammal Protected Areas Task Force announce this month the publication of a scientific paper as well as the production of a comprehensive brochure detailing their work to introduce the new tool of Important Marine Mammal Areas (IMMAs) in service of global biodiversity conservation.

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