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Ellen Cuylaerts / Ocean Image Bank

A New Cooperation Framework for Mobile Species from MedPAN


The Network of Marine Protected Areas managers in the Mediterranean (MedPAN) has recently published a cooperation framework for the conservation of mobile species, including a code of conduct and a model cooperation agreement for data sharing and monitoring of marine turtles.

The cooperation framework is intended to promote cooperation and date sharing for the conservation of mobile species, such as cetaceans, turtles, and seabirds. The aim of the framework is to clearly define a synergistic working arrangement between two or more groups to collect data and information that will contribute to the effective management of mobile species at local, national, and regional levels.

The cooperation agreement, which has been developed in tandem with the cooperation framework, provides MPA managers and practitioners with a standard template for a memorandum on cooperation between an MPA management authority, and a third party tasked with undertaking scientific monitoring actions for the MPA authority.

It is available to download in English and French.

Download the framework here:

Télécharger en Français:

credit: MedPAN

Source: MedPAN News  24/04/2023


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