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The Vara2 Stranding App is presented as a guide tool, aimed not only at marine environment professionals and related personnel but also at common people so that they can properly attend animal stranding events and allow information to be collected in a correct and standardized.

The different versions of the Vara2 Stranding App are now available on the Google Play Store. The application has been updated to include more than 150 species (specifically: Cetacea, Mustelidae, Pinnipedia, Sirenia, Testudines and Ursidae) and now there are 6 versions of Vara2 for the following geographic areas: Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin-America, North-America and Oceania+Antarctica, and is available in both English and Spanish.

Nowadays, with access to mobile phones, it is possible to attend a stranding with their virtual help and/or alert the experts instantly. The objective of this application is to connect the group of professionals with other emergency services or ordinary citizens so that if a stranding is detected, they can be properly attended by qualified personnel in the shortest possible time.

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