New interactive ID resources for marine mammals by CARI’MAM

NOAA | Unsplash

New interactive identification resources for marine mammals have been released as part of the CARI’MAM project. They consist of biological illustrations of the 37 species of marine mammal observed in the Greater Caribbean Region, and interactive 3D images of 10 marine mammals of the Greater Caribbean region, produced by the Agoa Sanctuary. The illustrations can […]

CAR-SPA-RAC launch new species factsheets

CAR-SPA-RAC, to supplement the CARI’MAM project, have launched new species factsheets to support the discovery, management and observation of marine mammals in the Wider Caribbean Region (WCR). The WCR hosts a highly diversified community of marine mammals, with more than 35 species currently identified. The conservation status of these species varies but some have been […]