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#WalkWithWhales Immersive AR Experience


June 8th is World Ocean Day, and to mark the occasion, Blue Marine Foundation have launched a one-of-a-kind, immersive, augmented reality (AR)  experience where you can step into life underwater and see the world through the eyes of a humpback whale.

Dive in and explore the mystery of the ocean in the company of some of the world’s largest creatures and help spread the word on ocean conservation. So, grab your phone and head out on an adventure to spot these giants swimming through cities and across billboards in a town near you.

Humpback whales are important players in the fight against climate change for several reasons. They can sequester an incredible 33 tonnes of CO2 during their lifetime, and even act as a “whale-pump”, recirculating nutrients from the water’s surface to the sea floor, providing crucial ecosystem services throughout the ocean.

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