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The Marine Mammals Management Toolkit – Community of Practice


To fully realise the potential of the Marine Mammals Management Toolkit in building capacity and empowering Marine Protected Area (MPA) managers to effectively manage marine mammals, the Community of Practice now sits as the 4th core element of the Toolkit. 

The Community of Practice is designed to  connect  MPA practitioners from around the world with the common goal of ensuring that marine mammals are effectively managed within, and around, MPAs. By building upon and supporting the resources and tools provided by the factsheets, self-assessment tool, and good practices,  the Community of Practice promotes important collaboration and knowledge exchange opportunities between its members, strengthens and builds members’ capacities, all which contribute to the better management and conservation of marine marine mammals through local, national and transboundary MPAs. 

To facilitate knowledge exchanges between the Community of Practice members, we created the Community of Practice mailing group, a forum where members can communicate either through direct or global messages to all members. The mailing group is the key vessel for all knowledge exchanges amongst Community of Practice members, so be sure to subscribe. 

Members are able to identify and network with fellow MPA and marine mammal experts, access the Toolkit’s technical resources and obtain support and guidance from mentors, ultimately sustaining the growth of the Community of Practice.

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